Pull Out Spice Rack

Di LussoSKU: 210004MP

Product Dimensions - Width:: 4-1/4 Inches
Sale price$372.50


Spice Rack

• Designer oriented styles for elegant, and luxurious appearance.

• Combination of metallic grey and wood accent

• Strong built frame and trays.

• Synchronized slides ensure maximum reliability and smoothness

• Universal installation.

Product Code Baskets Width X Depth X Height
210004MP 3 4-1/4" x 19-3/8" x 22-5/8"
210006MP 3 6-1/4" x 19-3/8" x 22-5/9"
210008MP 3 8-1/4" x 19-3/8" x 22-5/10"
210010MP 3 10-1/4" x 19-3/8" x 22-5/11"


Loading Capacity: 100 lbs

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