Salice Push to Open Undermount Slides with 6 Ways Adjustable Front Brackets

SaliceSKU: A65577/25 cp6/A750.010

Length: 10 Inches
Sale price$42.80

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Salice Push to Open Undermount Slides with 6 Ways Adjustable Front Brackets

Notes: Prices are including a pair of adjustable brackets

Product features:

  • Full-extension slides fixed to the drawer by clip
  • Push opening system for handle-less drawers
  • A slight pressure of the drawer front is sufficient for the drawer to self-open
  • Load capacity: 75 LBS (34 Kg) dynamic/100 LBS (45 Kg) static - ANSI GRADE 1
  • Safety system that prevents the drawers from turning over
  • Drawer height adjustment +2.5 mm, side adjustment ±1.5 mm depth adjustment ±2 mm with clip A750.010
  • The drawer is maintained parallel with the cabinet side during opening
  • The drawer is held in the closed position

About adjustable brackets:

  • Align the gaps between fronts
  • Align the fronts with the cabinet
  • For all versions of full-extension runners
  • Tool free 6 way adjustment, including
    - Patented removal from the side or front of the drawer
    - Height adjustment (+2.5 mm)
    - Sideways adjustment (Left or Right) (±1.5mm)
    - Depth adjustment (± 2mm)
  • Carbon Fibre material for light weight, strength and rigidity

*Unit of measurement in millimeters (mm)

Dimension of Salice A6-way Adjustable Drawer Bracket Clip

Dimension of Salice Push to Open Undermount Drawer Slides

 Product Code Slides Runner Length Min. depth of the Cabinet (mm)
A65577/25 CP6 10" (250mm) 260
A65577/27 CP6 11" (270mm) 280
A65577/30 CP6 12" (300mm) 310
A65577/35 CP6 14" (350mm) 360
A65577/40 CP6 16" (400mm) 410
A65577/45 CP6 18" (450mm) 460
A65577/50 CP6 20" (500mm) 510
A65577/55 CP6 22" (550mm) 555
A65577/60 CP6 24" (600mm) 605


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