5 Inches Stretch Wrap with Plastic Handle (Sold by Roll)


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5 Inches Stretch Wrap with Plastic Handle

Thickness: 80 Gauges
Finish: Clear
Package: 1 roll without handle
Package for Case Order: 18 rolls/box
(Each case comes with 1 free plastic handle)

Compatible with:

Complete the set with:
Stretch Wrap Plastic Handle

Stretch Wrap Plastic Dispenser Handle


Product Feature:

  • Firmly holds together items preventing shifting or movement during transportation.
  • Transparent nature allows for quick and easy identification of packaged items.
  • Integrated plastic handle for easy and comfortable grip during application.

Specification: 5 Inches (Width) x 1000 ft (Length). 3 Inches core. 

Dimensions of Winnec 5 Inches Stretch Wrap with Plastic Handle for Moving

SKU Width (Inches) Length (ft)
3 1000
108005A 5 1000

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